Specialists in their field of law, members of the UK-wide Annecto Legal network demonstrate a willingness to share risks with clients by offering alternative funding options for litigation.

The law firms in our network fund its marketing activity to raise widespread awareness of and access to alternative funding methods.

Unlike most solicitors, our members are happy to share risk on appropriate cases and align their own interests with those of the client.

Our members have been selected for their expertise and progressive attitude to funding litigation, and benefit from Annecto Legal Network acting as an additional source of lead generation.

Removing administrative headaches, Annecto Legal assesses and allocates individual cases for you based on key factors such as the nature of the case, the client’s attitude to risk and the specialties of your practice.

Members can also refer cases to each other across the network and access market-leading funding and insurance options to help clients overcome the many perceived funding barriers that arise in the pursuit of a litigation case.

Our members can also pro-actively market our leading funding options to businesses in their area. By promoting funding solutions that allow clients to minimise their risk, they can generate work from existing corporate clients, and find ways to fund cases worth under £250,000 in damages (which have traditionally been difficult to finance).

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