Contract disputes cost time, money and cause extraordinary amounts of stress – you need to find a satisfactory resolution with breach of contract solicitors as soon as possible or risk broken relationships or even the health of your business itself.

If you think you’ve got a breach of contract claim, or are being sued for breach of contract, Annecto Legal has the information you need to find the right legal representation and also offers alternative ways to fund your case. Our aim is to minimise your financial risk so that litigation doesn’t become any more stressful than it needs to be.

With access to over 20 providers of litigation funding and after-the-event (ATE) commercial legal expenses insurance, Annecto Legal is best placed to source the most appropriate funding package for your case, to maximise your chances of success.

You may also want help in choosing and putting together a legal team of specialist breach of contract solicitors capable of handling your claim. Not all solicitors are the same – just as in any walk of life, people specialise. When seeking representation you should be looking for real knowledge and experience in this niche area of law, and you should also be looking at the rates they charge and how they charge them. We are happy to assist in this area, should you require it.

How to sue for breach of contract

Regardless of the nature of the contract that has been broken, whether an employer/employee agreement or a deal with a supplier, it’s essential that you seek specialist advice right away.

For example, breach of contract compensation disputes between employee and employer can get nasty, fast, so ensure you have expert input on whether your case will stand up in an Industrial Tribunal or civil court.

Breach of contract solicitors

Understand the nature of your opponent: Are they financially stronger than you? Will they use this imbalance to try and ‘bully’ you? Do you need to show them you are serious in order to get the best settlement possible? What difference would financial backing make to your claim, and their attitude?

Annecto Legal is experienced in helping individuals and businesses in bringing successful claims against other parties, by using a combination of legal expertise and appropriate litigation funding and insurance in order to present the strongest possible case to the opponent.

Contact Annecto Legal now to discuss your claim, be put in touch with specialist breach of contract solicitors or to get information about managing the financial risks of litigation.

Funding options

Find out the alternate ways Annecto Legal can help in funding litigation, and what they mean in practice.