Defamation solicitors

At a time when criticism can spread like wildfire on the internet, causing terrible damage to a company, businesses need to be especially aware of the dangers of unfair attacks.

Defamation occurs when reputation is damaged without justification. If defamation comes in the form of spoken words then it’s known as slander, if written then it’s known as libel.

It’s not always clear who or what is responsible for reputational damage which means suing for defamation can often be challenging, so it’s crucial you get the right advice.

Suing for slander in the UK

If someone has unfairly attacked your business and you’ve suffered customer and profit loss, then you should act to recover compensation. Our legal experts understand the process of suing for defamation, including the timetable that has to be followed and the stages you have to go through, and we can put you in touch with a number of defamation solicitors who are experienced in this type of litigation.

Defamation solicitors

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