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When you hire the services of a professional you expect to receive the highest level of skill, expertise and care to cater for your needs. If they go on to breach their contract, fail to perform essential duties or just do something that they shouldn’t have, you could have a right to make a professional negligence claim – and Annecto Legal can connect you to the right professional negligence solicitors and litigation funding to help you make it.

professional negligence solicitors

We commonly assist clients that have suffered at the hands of accountants, architects, barristers/solicitors, brokers, engineers, financial advisors and surveyors. These claims range from negligent financial advice or simple mis-selling, through to poor due diligence around mergers and acquisitions (M&A) or badly drafted sale and purchase (S&P) agreements. We also see cases based upon property valuations incorrectly handled, solicitors costing their clients money from missing court deadlines, or poorly drafting contracts or other documents. Sadly, this list could go on and on…

Our service is designed to ensure that any business or individual that has suffered financially as a result of professional negligence has the best possible opportunity to find redress.

With access to over 20 providers of litigation funding and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurance, Annecto Legal is able to source the most appropriate and attractive funding package for your case. To maximise your chances of success, we can also help you to put together the right legal team for your case, if you don’t already have representation.

Our network includes professional negligence no win no fee solicitors

In comparison to other claims for compensation, an individual claiming professional negligence compensation does not have to prove they suffered a physical injury. They only need to prove they suffered financial losses as a result of the negligence of a professional they have paid to undertake a service on their behalf.

To prove negligence in a case, and ensure that you achieve the right outcome, you should be represented by a professional negligence solicitor that has the right experience. Ideally, you want someone with knowledge of both the professional area that was mishandled and also the complex area of professional negligence law.

A good professional negligence solicitor with this skillset will be able to identify the negligence and see the appropriate remedy, as well as being able to present your case in the best possible light and negotiate with the other party’s professional indemnity insurer.

Not all lawyers will be able to succeed with your case, and the wrong lawyer can lose a good case just as the right lawyer can improve a bad case. Getting the right legal team in place will make a huge difference to your claim.

Should you wish to fund your case with third party litigation funding, hiring the right legal team will also give confidence to the funders that their money will be well spent, and therefore they will see your case as less risky. A less risky case not only has a better chance of succeeding but, of course, means lower returns for the funder, and more for the person or business bringing the claim.

If you have a negligence claim against mortgage advisors, accountants or any other professional, then click here to access Annecto’s specialists for free. If you need to litigate then Annecto Legal can make sure you minimise your risk, and explore the best way to fund your claim to keep your own costs to a minimum.

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