Partnership and shareholder disputes

With top-level business agreements, there is always the potential for partnership disputes between shareholders and directors. One of the most effective things you can do when involved in a shareholder dispute, even one involving a breach of fiduciary duty, is to fully understand your position, your legal rights and the range of potential outcomes of your specific disputes – and the Annecto Legal network is here to help.

shareholder disputes

How Annecto Legal can help with shareholder disputes

Concerned about a conflict of interest or the development and direction of a company? Maybe you’re a shareholder aggrieved that directors are not meeting their legal responsibilities or that they’re paying themselves too much?

Are you worried that taking legal advice could be too expensive? Or that speaking to a lawyer will escalate matters?

Annecto Legal provides access to a UK-wide network of legal professionals experienced in dealing with all types of disputes, and how to prevent them spiralling out of control. We also provide alternative funding options to assist with legal fees and manage your risk.

Getting the right advice early, and without spending lots on legal fees, is the best way to save money and protect your position.

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