Say you have suffered from unfair practices by another company, client or employer. In this instance you may be asking how to sue a business to compensate for these losses.

Finding the right route to take when you pursue legal action against a business can be difficult and, with most solicitors charging on an hourly rate basis, these cases often incur high up-front legal fees.

Annecto Legal offers a free service to help you find the right lawyer for your dispute, and the funding solution to reduce the financial risk of pursuing your case.

We will match you to a firm from our network of specialist breach of contract lawyers across the UK, and recommend funding solutions to reduce the up-front costs.

Our service will give you access to litigation specialists that might otherwise have been beyond your budget.

We are backed by a large network of legal firms and funding providers, and our team has over 30 years of experience in the litigation industry.

To discuss your case confidentially with a specialist call us on 0800 612 6587 or leave your details and a member of the team will come straight back to you.

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Find out the alternate ways Annecto Legal can help in funding litigation, what they mean in practice and which route is best for you and your claim or dispute.

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