Annecto Legal Assistance provides fast, effective legal advice without the usual associated legal costs.

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How Annecto Legal’s service works

Through our network of over 20 third party commercial litigation funders and after-the-event (ATE) legal expenses insurers, Annecto Legal offers a valuable and easy-to-use service for businesses with a case for litigation. Our professional and experienced brokers can manage the entire funding process, taking on the risk of your litigation and securing the best possible deal for your business.

How much does Annecto Legal’s service cost?

 Annecto Legal works to a simple fee structure: Funders pay 2% up front of what they invest in a case; the client pays nothing up front and then just 2% of their recovered funds upon successful conclusion of the case.

Our expertise ranges from simple breach of contract and professional negligence cases of £100k upwards, through to complex and high-value financial disputes and international arbitrations.

With Annecto Legal, clients can pursue justice and get the compensation they deserve, safe in the knowledge that the financial risk to their business is as little as possible.

Contact the Annecto Legal team to discuss your case further and find out about the commercial litigation funding options available to you.