No win, no fee options

A contingency fee or Damages Based Agreement (DBA) is where a solicitor agrees to fund your case in the hope of being successful and being paid as a share of the damages recovered. The client benefits from not paying the solicitor’s fees as the case progresses, and only paying the solicitor if the case is successful.

An alternative is a Conditional Fee Agreement (CFA) which works in a similar fashion – although under a CFA the solicitor is paid on conclusion of successful cases, not as a share of the damages recovered, but at a pre-agreed hourly rate.

These variations of no win no fee commercial litigation funding arrangements can be flexible on a case-by-case basis, and Annecto Legal is happy to discuss the finer points and hybrid agreements that may prove beneficial.

After the event legal expenses insurance

After The Event legal expenses insurance (ATE insurance) is also available to protect the client against what could prove to be substantial costs should a case be unsuccessful, and the client be held liable for their opponent’s legal fees. Read more about ATE insurance.

This contingency fee or no win no fee commercial litigation funding approach is not available from most commercial litigation lawyers, because they prefer their clients to take all the risks, but Annecto Legal has a specialist network of solicitors that will consider all options to fund and manage risk around your commercial dispute.

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Information about alternative litigation funding options can be found on our litigation funding page.

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