Legal funding allows businesses with a case for commercial litigation or arbitration to pursue it without worrying about the legal fees.

With the help of third party litigation funding you can avoid taking any financial risks at all: the funder pays for everything in return for a share of the damages. If the case fails, the funder bears all the costs – you pay nothing.

You take the majority of the damages, but none of the risk

Third party litigation funding providers take on the financial risk of your litigation, freeing up your cash flow and shifting all the risk off your balance sheet.

In return for taking the risk, the funder will typically seek in the region of a fifth to a third of any damages recovered. That means you keep up to 80% of the reward having taken none of the risk.

Funding agreements can be complex and Annecto Legal is happy to assist clients in understanding the finer points, as well as helping to secure the best deal.

Your opponent pays the funder’s costs.

Third party litigation funding is a powerful weapon in cases where the opponent has deep pockets and can spend heavily on a legal war of attrition. The presence of a powerful backer can force your opponent to the negotiating table, knowing they can’t outspend you. And if it doesn’t you can be confident in your ability to push them all the way.

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