When you hire the services of a solicitor, just like any professional, you have a right to expect the level of service they promised – at the very least.

If the relationship breaks down, however, and they fail to perform their essential duties – such as working in your best interests or giving you the correct advice – then you have the right to make compensation claims against your solicitors.

Annecto Legal offers a free expert service to help you find the right solicitors for your professional negligence claims and the funding solution to reduce the financial risk of pursuing your case.

Unlike many other claims for compensation, individuals making professional negligence claims against solicitors are not required to prove that they suffered a physical injury as a result of negligence; just that they suffered financial losses.

Our service will give you access to litigation specialists that might otherwise have been beyond your budget.

We are backed by a network of legal firms and funding providers, and our team has over 30 years of experience in the litigation industry.

If you believe your solicitors have been negligent and want to find out whether you’ve got a claim, call us on 0800 612 6587 or leave your details and a member of the team will come straight back to you.

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